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 As Per the requirement to provide different types of facilities to Sai Devotees, Shri Saibaba Sansthan has implemented many kinds of projects. To provide meal arrangement for most of devotees at a time, Sansthan has implemented New Shri Sai Prasadalaya. Approximately 4500 Sai Devotees can take meal at a time. Daily 27,000 devotees can take the Sai prasad bhojan. 

Construction Expense for this project :- Rs. 22,93,65,371/-

Total Area used for the construction of Shri Sai Prasadalaya –

                                                02 hector 85 R (Survey No. 80, 85)


1.  Main Building Ground Floor – 11,550.77 sq.meter

2.     Main Building First Floor – 5,503.98 sq.meter

3.     Two Sanitation Rooms – 259.72 sq.meter

4.     Dining Hall & Electric Generator – 530.7 sq.meter

5.     Staff Sanitation & Changing Rooms – 132.73 sq.meter

6.     Pump House – 56.79 sq.meter

7.     Security Guard Office – 71.42 sq.meter

8.     Total built up area – 17,608.15 sq.meter

9.     2 Lifts

10. 2 Sanitation rooms for all

11. 1 Staff Sanitation & Changing Room

12. 1 Ticket counter

13. Wall Compound length of 1067 running meter. 

Arrangement in Prasadalaya    

1.     Main Dining Hall at ground floor has capacity of 3500 seats at a time.

2.     Ticket rate for adults is Rs. 10/-. Children under 10 are charged up to Rs.5/-.

3.     For the poor & needy people there is a special arrangement of free charity dining hall having capacity of 200 seats at a time.

4.     On the first floor there is an arrangement for VIP people in VIP hall no. 1 having capacity of 200 seats. Her ticket rate for adults is Rs.40/- & for children it is Rs. 20/-.

5.      VIP Hall no. 2 is arranged for buffet meal having capacity of 200 seats.

6.     If required in the crowdie season there is an arrangement of another dining hall on the first floor having capacity of 1000 seats. 

Cooking Management 

1.     There are three kitchen halls at ground floor

First kitchen hall is used for coking the rice & vegetables.

Second kitchen hall is used for making the breakfast packets.

And third one is used for Ladoos & Bundi.

2.     The kitchen hall at second floor is used for making chapatti.  

Counters available at Prasadalaya for Devotee’s Service 

1.   04 Prasad Bhojan ticket counters

2.     01 Donation Counter

3.     01 Sale counter for the publication products like, photo, cd’s, etc. 

Free bus service is implemented from Temple to Prasadalaya.  

Fuel Management 

L.P.G.  Project 

                   To fulfill the requirement of fuel for making Prasad bhojan, ladoo, barfi (sweets), breakfast packets LPG Gas project is instructed with the capacity of 20 tone Thermal Fluid Heating System is used for making the Prasad ladoo’s, due  to which 30% gas will be save. 

Solar Steam Project

                   To save the daily fuel expenses world’s largest Solar System Project is implemented. Its specifications are as follows –

1.  Number of solar dishes – 73

2.     Dish size – 16 sq. meter

3.     Total steam generation capacity – 4200 kg/day

4.     Steam generation capacity of each dish – 57.53 kg

5.     Fuel expense saving due to the solar steam will be Rs. 15,439.50 kg/day 


RO Plant 

   For the arrangement of pure drinking water to devotees R.O. Plant having capacity of 2500 liter/hour is implemented.                                        

Other Machineries 

1.  For dish washing two imported dish washing machines are used.

2.     For cutting of vegetables two imported machines are used.

3.     To wash the rice, vegetables, legume’s three imported machines are used.

4.     For grinding flour online mill unit is sated up.

5.     For cooking rice steam cooker is used.

6.     Readymade material of flour, spices, turmeric, coriander powder etc are not used. They are   made through pulverize or grinding machines using raw materials.

7.     Cold storage facility is available for vegetables & dry foods.