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DEVOTEES EXPERIENCES AFTER BABAS MAHASAMADHI ON 15th OCTOBER, 1918 from book entitled AMBROSIA IN SHIRDI written by Shri Ramalingam Swami, inspired by SHri Sivanesan Swamiji of Shirdi

(Contd. from July-August, 2005 issue)

 84. Baba cured the paralysis of the daughter of a close friend of Shri Y. Nagarjun Rao of Hyderabad.....

It was in the year 1970 that I happened to visit Mumbai on some personal work. As it was my first visit, I went sight-seeing to several places in and around Mumbai. Suddenly, I felt that I should go to Shirdi and visit the Mahasamadhi of Shri Sai Baba, more out of curiosity than devotion. But, the visit had to be put off because of my brother-in-laws arrival from the United States.

I was very much disappointed and silently prayed to Baba that if He were God, He should bless me with an opportunity to go to Shirdi. Meanwhile, a very interesting thing happened. We received a cable that my brother-in-laws scheduled arrival was postponed on account of his prolonged stay en route. Thus the seeds of faith were sown in my heart by the unexpected accomplishment of my desire.

I immediately searched for a person who could help me with the details of the pilgrimage. When I was going from Andheri to Dadar by local train, I surprisingly came across a devotee of Shri Sai Baba, who guided me with minute details. Thus my very first visit to the shrine proved to be a pre-planned sankalpa of Baba Himself to draw me towards Him.

After taking a bath, I went for Darshan, which made me extremely happy. For a moment there appeared nothing but Sai Baba in everything in Shirdi. I prayed to Baba that He should help me with His grace and give me solace and comfort throughout my life. I happened to make a study of the several books available in Shirdi which gives one the feeling that Baba is not merely a superhuman form but omnipotent God Himself. Since then, my faith in Baba steadily increased.

Once, one of my close friends was blessed with a daughter. Unfortunately, she had an attack of paralysis, and as a result of this, she was unable to move her hand. My friend felt unhappy, as the treatment did not produce the required result. He had lost all hopes of her recovery and felt dejected.

I gave him a little Vibhuti (Udi) which I had brought from Shirdi and asked him to apply it to the affected hand with complete faith in Babas mercy.

Though he was personally not a believer in Shri Sai Baba, he consented to do it on my persistance. He told me that he would worship Baba as God if the Vibhuti helped the recovery of the child in any way.

After the application of Vibhuti, there was a tremendous improvement and very soon the baby recovered, responding to the medical treatment very well. This in itself was a big surprise to the physician, as he himself was not quite confident about the outcome of his trial.

The grateful father of the child has become an ardent devotee of Shri Sai Baba. Such is the kindness of Shri Sai Baba Who responds to the call of humanity, if only the person looks to Him.


85. Baba cured the dysentery of Robin, an Alsation dog of Shri A. Ramchandran, Bangalore.....

I have a pet alsation dog named Robin. His main diet is rice with milk or butter-milk. Rarely is he given a bone.

It so happened that he started purging from 30.7.1978. He could digest nothing and his illness took a serious turn. The diarrhoea turned into dysentery and blood was passed in the motions continuously, every half an hour.

Everyone was afraid and were pressing me to take him to a hospital or consult a doctor. I, however, thought that when my doctor was within reach, why should I go to another doctor ?

I kept a few packets of Udi at the feet of Shri Sai Baba, the Moving Spirit of the universe, at the Shri Sai Spiritual Centre, Bangalore, and started administering it three times a day in the milk, porridge or in the diet given to him.

In the beginning it took a serious turn; but I was determined because of my faith that either the dog would survive with this treatment or die, if it was destined to die. I must mention that I am of stubborn temperament or you may call it blind faith if you like.

After a week of this continuous treatment and in spite of ups and downs, the disease slowly came under control. I repeated the treatment with determination and prayers to Shri Sai Baba. The dog is now normal.

Lo ! The grace of God is for those who seek it with firm faith. So, you see, you can now realise the efficacy of Babas Udi in your everyday life and get over all the difficult situations that arise at times.

This incident clearly shows that Babas Udi not only cures human diseases but animals diseases as well; as He is in all of us.

 86. Baba fulfilled the wishes of Shri D. B. Potnis, 88, Juna Bazaar, Khadki, Poona.....

I used to serve under a doctor in Poona for Rs. 6/- per month. In December 1940, I wanted to give a job application in the Defence Department. I went walking, carrying my application.

After reaching a chowk, I was not aware of the way and asked a tongawalla. He was very old. Instead  of telling me the way, the old man asked me to sit in his tonga. I told him that since I had no money, I would prefer walking. But, he said that it was his own tonga and asked me to sit in it.

We reached the Military Defence Department. He took my application and presented it to the concerned officer on my behalf and went away.

A few days later I was called for an interview. Again I met the same old man on my way. He told me to purchase a particular nib for writing as they would test my hand-writing. As I had no money, he himself

purchased that particular nib with the pen-holder and gave it to me.

I went and gave my interview. They asked me to write a paragraph as foretold by the tongawalla. I joined duty in the Defence Accounts Department on 5-2-1944.

At that time I was also studying in Poona English School. On 14-5-1951, I accompanied the school boys on an excursion to Sinhagad. All the boys were exchanging the eatables purchased by them and they asked, what I had to give them. I was in a fix. Sitting empty handed under a mango tree. Suddenly, I noticed an empty match-box. I took it and opened it. To my surprise, there was a Rs. 10/- note in it. I gave it to my friends to purchase some eatables and distribute it amongst us. Thus my dignity was saved amongst my friends.

I used to cook food using my brothers vessels. My brother has two daughters and a son. I was transferred to Ahmednagar. One of my nieces and nephew and my own daughter were with me. I wanted to take the cooking vessels (of my brother) which I used in Poona with me. But, his daughter refused. I left all with her and left for Ahmednagar with only a katori and a spoon which were gifted to my daughter in her school and Babas photo.

In Ahmednagar, Shri N. A. Agadgaonkar helped me stay in his house and his father gave me all the help till I got my required articles from his friend Shri Rasanes shop. From thence onwards, I was well off.

From Ahmednagar, I was transferred to Poolgaon in 1948. My four-year old daughter imagined seeing a serpent and wept continuously at midnight and afterwards every now and then, saying serpent, serpent. I did not know, what to do; as it was beyond medical reach.

My neighbour kept her in his house one day, to see if her fear and weeping would stop; but in vain. At first, I thought that, may be she mistook a spider for a serpent. Then, I put a ghee lamp before Babas photo and prayed with all my heart to Baba, performing Aarati and offering dhoop. After that her imaginary serpents vanished and her weeping stopped. She was able to move about and live freely without any trouble.

In 1949, I regularly read (1) Navnath Grantha (2) Guru Charitra and (3) Babas Satcharita. Once I began the Parayan of Babas Satcharita and on the last day I performed Satyanarayan Pooja. I was reading the final (53rd) chapter of Babas Satcharita. In the Pooja mandap, a small mouse came and sat on a plantain leaf near the Pooja thali. It remained there until the Parayan was complete and also for the Aarati. After the Aarati it went away on its own accord. We all thought that Baba Himself attended the Pooja in the guise of a mouse.

Thus Baba fulfilled my desires and continues doing so as answer to all my prayers. 

87. Baba cured the chest pain of Shri T. Kuppuswamy SHastri s/o Ramaswamy SHastri Singaperumal Koil near CHENNAI.....

I was troubled with chest pain for five years until 13-4-1939. Then, I received Udi and a picture of Shri Sai Baba from Ramnath Shastri. I used the Udi and prayed to Baba. Since then there was no more chest pain. That pain used to affect me everyday from 3.00 p.m. for about 15 minutes and again at midnight with great violence. I used to take soda powders to reduce the pain. But, after using Babas Udi, I had no pain at all and I do not use soda powder or any other medicine. This is a clear proof of the powers of Baba and His Udi.

88. baba cured the diarrhoea of the child of shri t. aruMugam, pillari, teacher, muthialpet high school, 97 thambu chetty street, CHENNAI and fulfilled his other dESIRes.....

My nine month old child had an attack of diarrhoea and the discharges were of a peculiar red colour, causing us much anxiety. A similar attack, four months ago, while the child was at Chittoor was cured by the D.M.S.C. after much trouble.

I feared more trouble this time also and wished to go to Chittoor for treatment. But, my wife prayed to Baba, put His Udi into the milk and gave it to the child in the morning. That very day, the diarrhoea was cured.

About 50 days ago, I was desirous of getting a pair of silver jyoti lights to be lit before Baba for worship. I had Rs. 5/- with me and went to buy them in a silver shop. The salesman in the shop told me that the minimum price he could charge me for a pair was Rs. 7/-. Giving up hope of getting a pair of silver lamps I was about to leave the shop. Suddenly, another salesman, whose son had once been my student, called me and asked me of my requirement. He then presented me with a pair of silver jyotis and refused to accept any price for the same. It was Babas way of helping me to carry on my worship of His picture in the desired manner.

Babas help to me in my financial crisis was also noteworthy. My private tuitions income was Rs. 25/-. It was the same amount I paid for my rental premises monthly. Suddenly, the tuition was stopped in April last and I would have to vacate the place. It was not easy to find another convenient place.

When I was worried about this and thinking of  vacating the place, the head clerk of my school suggested that I might continue to occupy one half of my premises and give the other half on rent. The idea was quite new to me; but was excellent. But, the problem was, where would we find a vegetarian co-tenant ? (Myself and my wife are strict vegetarians.)

A few hours later, a newly wedded couple, strictly vegetarian, were badly in need of such quarters and asked my friend, the head clerk, to help them. He introduced them to me. There was a legal difficulty; as the land-lords permission would be needed to sub-lease. My wife cast lots before Baba Who ordered the sub-lease. The land-lord too agreed. At the same time, the same pupil wanted tuitions and my income was restored.

Recently, I was at Chittoor and wished to take the bus leaving at night to proceed to Chennai. It was around midnight, when I approached the bus. It was all dark. There was nobody around as far as I could see. I got onto a seat to rest awhile. Presently a drunken man came in with insulting words. I told him, I would talk to him, when he regained sobriety in the morning. The man fulminated abuse and threats and then seized an iron handle (used for starting a car). He heaved it high and threatened to kill me. He was about to bring it down on my head, when feeling helpless I shouted,Baba !

The driver suddenly jumped up (evidently from his sleep, by the noise), seized the handle, and my life was saved by Babas grace. My faith in Baba became firmer by this instance of His protecting me. 


I was studying in the Montessori School for 2 years. I knew Baba, I used to hear His words. I also read His books. I read one chapter a day. Shri Narasimhaswamy came to our house. He always chanted the name Baba, Baba, Baba. After he came, my uncle made a contribution to Shri Sai Leela.

My uncle, Raosaheb Papaiah Chettiar wrote to me about Baba. Baba is Krishna and Krishna is Baba. Baba is good and nice. Baba helps uncle to keep good health.

Last year, I put my hand on my aunts dressing  table. Suddenly, a lid fell and crushed my hand. I cried. Uncle said, Think of Baba. I said, Baba ! Baba ! In 15 minutes there was no pain and I was alright.

Last year, our teacher, Miss Manuel arranged for a bus and told us girls to get in. We all went to the Aquarium. Suddenly, there was thunder and lightening. All the girls got scared. Only I cried, Baba ! Baba ! I told the girls to say Sai ! Sai ! and everyone started chanting. Slowly, they became bold and lost fear of the thunder and lightening. After returning to school I told the girls, Sai Baba is a Mahatma. He gives us everything.

Later, I had a stomachache and was sick. I could not vomit. I went to my uncle and asked for Babas Udi. He gave me some medicines; but to no avail. Then, he came and put Udi in my mouth. I became alright in a minute. I got up. No pain, no sickness. I told my uncle, See the Udi has made me alright !

Sometimes, I spend the day at my uncles house and sometimes at my grandmothers. There are many girls there. I always tell them about Baba. I say, Think of Baba before sleeping. They do so.

My grandmother (fathers mother) died. I felt sorry and so I wept. Then, I saw Baba in the evening sky. He said, Do not cry. I have taken your grandmother. She is very happy. Do not be afraid. 


My one year old daughter Masthanamma was suffering from diarrhoea and fever. Medicines from the hospital could not effect a lasting cure.

I, then got Sai Babas photo and Udi, which I gave to the child. After using the Udi twice, the diarrhoea ceased. Since then, I used only the Udi as her medicine, thrice daily, and she was completely cured. She is alright now. We found that without using any medicine, Babas Udi alone effected the cure; and the faith of our family in Sai was greatly strengthened.

My sister, who lived at Thattapalli (90 miles from Nellore), had parturition troubles. Ayurvedic medicines were given; but she became from bad to worse. The physicians advised that she should be shifted to Nellore. She was taken to the American Hospital, Nellore, where the doctor-in-charge said that the symptoms would not abate for a week and that he would decide the course of medicine after that. But, within two days, the patient became worse and passed 20 to 30 motions (with blood). We gave up hope. Then, we gave Babas Udi for four days to the patient. She gradually improved and was cured within a week.

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